Thursday, August 27, 2009


I can define it with two words; Damien Rice. I highly recommend listening to the album "O" (or anything you can find) his voice and lyrics are incredibly passionate and touching. He shares similarities to Ray Lamontagne and Bon Iver. If you've never listened to them, DO IT NOW !
Seriously, LISTEN !

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  1. Hi how are you?

    I was looking through your blog, and I found it interesting, and inspiring to me, so I thought why not leave you a comment.

    I too have a blog that I use out of Southern California here in San Diego.

    Mostly it is a collection of artistic expression, and I have many friends with the same interests, maybe you can become my friend, and follow, and I can also follow you, if that is okay.

    Well I hope to hear from you soon, and or read about you….LOL

    Jesse Noe